Thursday, April 28, 2005

Choosing Authoring Tool That's Right For You

Topics this issue:
1. Choosing Authoring Tool That's Right For You
2. Organic e-Learning Activities
3. Blended e-Learning Workshop

1. Choosing Authoring Tool That's Right For You
What is the best authoring tool for e-learning? Despite efforts by many to develop or recommend one “best” authoring tool, the truth of the matter is, there is no single authoring tool in the market that will meet all the needs and match all of the capabilities of every organization.

From our experience consulting with various clients, we have learned that the best way to select an authoring tool is to FIRST assess your organization’s needs, capabilities, and available resources. This, of course, includes your learning strategies.

Nevertheless, there is a common *criteria that most organizations can use to assess if an authoring tool is right for them and we’d like to share them with you below:

  • Ease of use
  • Template-based
  • Content reusability
  • Richness of instruction
  • Use of standards
  • Managing content changes
  • Write once, publish many
  • Team development tool
  • Minimal system requirements
  • Value
  • Product support
  • Flexibility/portability of output
  • Learning curve
  • Cost of purchase/license

A final thought, the software output is only as good as your plan and design. Many trainers and developers jump into developing e-learning without planning their learning design. No amount of software can compensate for the absence of a good learning design.

*Authoring Tool Strategies

2. Organic e-Learning Activities
Choosing the right authoring tool can enable you to create organic e-learning activities for your organization. Check out and see how it’s possible to make e-learning come alive.

» The Home Building Cycle

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3. Over 50 engaging interactive exercises, games, simulation, etc.
In the Blended eLearning Workshop, you will have access to over 50 interactive learning games, exercises, simulation, and in-box activities. You will be inspired to see the possibilities of an engaging e-learning program.

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