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Guide-on-the-Side Meetings on LMSs and Learning Platforms: Training 2007 Conference

Guide-on-the-Side Meetings: Provocative Questions for our Discussions Provocative Questions on the Future of LMS and Learning Platforms and how they impact you and your organizations.


The materials below are lifted quotes from Josh Bersin, Elliott Masie, Tony Karrer, Jay Cross, Clark Quinn, Rick Borovoy and eLearning Guild. ___________________________________________

Just to kick-off our conversations and provide us some perspective, review this information and ask the provocative questions. Let us exchange ideas, share our thoughts, and learn from each other.

Growth in technology spending

The structure and operation of corporate training will change. Learning organizations are increasing spending on technology. In fact, in 2006, payrolls declined on average by 11%. New skills and management structures will be needed to meet training’s new role as a shared services organization. Provocative question: What does this mean in terms of opportunities and challenges in learning?

Growth Role for Learning Platforms

“According to our latest research, 10-15% of HR organizations are now looking for talent management suites to manage both training and HR functions,” said Josh Bersin, President and Founder of Bersin & Associates. “ Today these systems are designed to manage workforce planning, recruiting, performance management, and learning management – with integrated competency modeling and employee profiles that can be used across each module.”

Provocative question: Is your organization looking into the expanded role of learning platforms in HR functions? Why?


Talent Management

Talent management will change the role of HR. HR’s mission, supporting technology, staffing resources, and priorities will all continue to change, and likely at a rapid rate. Performance management, competency management, and talent-driven learning will be areas in which HR and learning are tightly aligned. See an overview slide – “What is covered in Talent Management?”

Provocative question: Is “Talent Management” another “hype” of technology suppliers?

See “Crystal Ball e-Learning”


E-learning matures and evolves – LMS 2.0 and e-Learning 2.0

Now that e-learning is mainstream, companies are moving to more sophisticated uses of e-learning content and technology – such as those for performance support, collaborative learning, and simulations. See Tony Karrer’s “e-Learning 1.0 to e-Learning 2.0 Map” See ideas on “Metrics Driven Learning Performance System”


E-learning 3.0 arrives

First there were online self-study courses. Then came virtual instructor-led training. The next stage is self-published training – resources such as blogs, wikis, and podcasts. Innovative training organizations are now working to harness these resources. Blogs, wikis, mobile learning, “Learning at your Fingertips”, 3-Minute e-Learning, TrainingPayback®, Social Network and Performance (SNA) See slide from Rick Borovoy’s “On-Grid” and “Off-Grid” concept. Download the PPT file. See article by Ray on “Social Networking” More provocative questions: How does social networking help in performance and learning? Why are many concerned about the lack of structure and link to performance? What do you think? How do you bridge formal and informal learning?


Immersive Learning, Scenario-Based Learning

New approaches to e-learning emerge. Among the 2006 Learning Leaders are organizations that have implemented “high-fidelity” online training programs. These instructionally rich courses, which include avatars and sophisticated simulations, were designed to develop and deepen mastery in areas such as customer service and sales. See Ray’s blog – On Scenario-Based e-Learning Provocative questions: What is the common thread between immersive learning/scenario-based learning (SBL) and “Sex & Violence in e-Learning”?


eLearning Guild’s 399 Tips on the Implementation of an LMS or LCMS

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