Friday, September 28, 2007

Isolating Performance Content with "Application Points"

To add to Clive Shepherd's 30-Minute Masters (Clive, Your Wiki is a great practice of user content sharing), there is a need to help trainers, SMEs, leaders, and speakers to isolate "Application Points" from a huge body of content. "Application Points" are ideas that provide learners instant knowledge to meet working proficiency (not full proficiency) to help them do a task now, today. By focusing on "Application Points," we focus on instant learning and cut the unnecessary content (or provide them as secondary links).

My experience tells me that one can cut the cost of e-Learning development down to 30% by using "Application Points." Importantly, learners learn what is immediately useful.

For example, there are probably more than five steps to have a good hair cut. But the key Application Point is "not to sleep, while the hair person is doing her thing”. Why? You may not like what she does to your hair. Other steps, like reserving a time, paying, reading tabloids on Brad/Angelina's lives, and paying are good, but not critical to getting a good hair cut.

Wacky video, really wacky video on "Application Points." (From 3-Minute e-Learning,

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