Friday, March 10, 2006

If your Content is 1,000 pages, how do you discover the 10% key performance content?

Most training converted into e-Learning is based on linear, teacher-trainer delivery methods. Of course, just converting into e-Learning is a bad approach. Why? Because nobody wants to study a linear lesson online.

The biggest value of e-learning is helping the person learn quickly the key performance content.
But how do you go through the mountain of knowledge and identify the key performance content?

In my experience, there is only 10-20% part in any form of content that impacts key performance areas. This is the part of the content that learners need in order to produce key tasks which are critical to delivering results. The 80-90% remainder of the content is made up usually of references, legislation text, policies, technical guides, etc. They are also important, but not as much as the key performance content.

To identify the 10-20% key performance content, consider these ideas:

  1. Interview or get from your operations people, champions, and SMEs (subject matter experts), your target audience, what are the areas that really impact performance -- those areas that really matter on the job, not those that SMEs say are important, necessarily.
  2. Ask three key questions:

    Question 1: What knowledge or skill is a "must?”

    Question 2: What are areas that are the most difficult to learn to do a good job?

    Question 3: What areas most often are sources of costly errors on the job?
Ray Jimenez, PhD
"Helping Learners Learn Their Way"