Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Theories of Learning - Four Videos from Wharton/U of Penn

From Elliott Masie's Wiki, I found these four short videos on learning theories very helpful. These are productions from Wharton University of the Penn GSE Graduate School.

Part 1 - Behaviorism: The educator shapes the environment for the learner and uses rewards and punishment. This works if you have control of the reinforcements. The theory is well and alive in today's environment. Leading theorists: Edward Thorndike and others.

Part 2 - Cognitivism: The learning involves the active participation of the learner. The learner assimilates and builds concepts and adjusts learning as acquired. The theory is alive in many game designs and high interactive models. Leading theorists: Jean Piaget and others.

Part 3 - Sociocultural: The learner learns and functions in a total system. The learners work with people, tools, environments to supply other parts of the tasks and knowledge. Leading theorist: Lev Vygosky

Other resources: Wikipedia source on Educational Psychology

The videos distill the learning theories into simple and understandable illustrations.

In our efforts to help learners learn, the applications of the theories vary greatly depending on the needs and the circumstances.

Ray Jimenez, PhD
"Helping Learners Learn Their Way"