Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sparks of Conversations in Social Learning

Mobile: Atlanta Airport

Where do conversations start?

I never buy a lottery ticket. But I know what I am missing when I don't. I miss the chance to even dream ....the windfall. What if I win $10 million? What do I do? Hmmm... Sweet dreams... I

What would you do?

Is a dollar too much to spend to have the right to even dream? Not so.

Social interactions in learning communities are like the lottery. One can only gain and discover relationships, deep ones, when one buys a ticket. The ticket is a minimal risk to be open, accessible, cordial, and helpful in a community.

Buy the ticket. Join a social learning circle. Allow others to know you are accessible.

This sparks conversations.

Dream on...

Ray Jimenez, PhD
3-Minute e-Learning