Saturday, August 2, 2008

Origami Wings, Clocks, Short Stories, Poems - Summer

It's summer and time for spending solid time with kids and family.

Francesca, 14 years old, is completing her book "Light in the
Chambers" with over 100 poems, stories and sketches. She plans to publish through in a couple of weeks.

Raymond, 17
years old, a few summer ago completed Origami projects: Cuckoo Clock with over 500 continuous folds and Wings, with over 8,000 wings.

This week Raymond is traveling to Northwestern, Olin, MIT, U of Chicago. He just completed a three week summer program in Caltech for the Young Engineers and Scientist Scholars (YESS) program with 30 select students from other schools. "90% work, only 10% fun," Raymond said. But knowing Raymond, his definition of fun is work.

Yesterday, he spent four hours touring, Argonne National Lab, where he had a closer look at the cyclotron.

Ray Jimenez, PhD

"Helping Learners Learn Their Way" "Helping Learners Apply Learning"