Sunday, March 8, 2009

Book Release - Scenario-Based Learning (SBL): Using Stories To Engage e-Learners"

After hundreds of hours conducting workshops, developing SBLs, learning and researching with friends, my book Scenario-Based Learning (SBL): Using Stories To Engage e-Learners" is out. Go to, search for SBL or Ray Jimenez.

It has over 200 pages and a dozen of online demos, resources and references. The book has exercises and examples. I am happy to say that if the reader follows the exercises, he/she can develop an SBL.

I used storytelling in writing the book ... practicing what I am preaching.

These are some chapter titles:

Emotional bursts
Fluff and absurdities
Bucket list
One thousand cranes
Groundhog day
Trip to the monastery

I had so much fun writing the book!

A million for those who helped me.

I am sure you will it find valuable.

Ray Jimenez, PhD

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