Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Is there Catharsis in Web. 2.0? "I am hungry for love"

Is there Catharsis in Web 2.0?

I am in search for something in Web 2.0. The end is clear to me: How to find cathartic or closure like experience with the aid of Web 2.0. My background is in organizational development and group psychology. Although I have been developing learning technologies and systems, my eyes have always been on the outcome in terms of experience, learning, healing and revitalization.*

So this is my personal diary as a student of group psychology, learning and technology.

I focus on two originating points.

Why cathartic experience?

Why Web 2.0?

My goal? How do I continue to nourish my need for catharsis, share what I learn and improve my skill to deliver this know-how through Web 2.0 tools or e-Learning 2.0 methods.

One thing definite: I do not wish to be jumping around numerous Web 2.0 technologies, be consumed with the technology, and lose the essence of my search – Catharsis in Web 2.0. I search for the opposite - simplify my life with Web 2.0 tools.

Is there Catharsis in Web 2.0? Can you share with me your ideas?

I will see you in the next post.

*About Catharsis: “a sudden emotional climax that evokes overwhelming feelings of great sorrow, pity, laughter or any other extreme change in emotion, resulting in restoration, renewal and revitalization in members of the audience.”

Ray Jimenez, PhD

"Helping Learners Learn Their Way" "Helping Learners Apply Learning"

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