Monday, June 1, 2009

Assess yourself -- Would you qualify as a Social Learning Specialist or Leader?

In November 29, 2007, I wrote in my blog the new jobs and careers in Social Learning. I have been seeing growth in eLearning and training professionals wanting more training and skills in Social Learning.

One of the most challenging tasks is that of a “Network Weaver.” It is a combination of a coach, trainer, community organizer, technical expert, leader, and group counselor folded into one.

For example:

>Share information and resources without expectation of a direct return
>Encourage others to become network weavers and take responsibility for increasing the health of their networks
>Show people how to learn social learning styles

Check out the checklist

Ray Jimenez, PhD

"Helping Learners Learn Their Way" "Helping Learners Apply Learning"

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