Sunday, April 8, 2012

Satire Story-based eLearning - Anomalies learners want to solve

This photo is from Robert Llewellyn. The context is about solar energy, fuel wastage and alternate energy source. It is a satirical image. Humorous. Eye catching. The approach works as a technique in story-based eLearning because in a simple snapshot with just text,yet,  the learner quickly connects with the hidden or embedded message - that we don't appreciate solar energy as an alternative to fossil energy. It is also controversial. Satire works because it presents an anomaly or problem which people instinctively want to fix.

In work environments, there are satirical situations which calls attention, therefore, quickly help learners to focus on the issues:

"It is OK to pad my expense report. I have been a great performer."

"Those who get fired or not promoted complain they are victims of work politics.
Those who get promoted and get a raise call it having good PR skills."

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