Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Creating Learning Peaks with Scenarios

Creating thought-provoking scenarios stretch the learner’s imagination and help them journey through varied emotions until they reach their learning peaks.

When and how are learning peaks achieved?

When ideas become actual experiences for learners then it triggers a recall of a previous experience.  This, in turn, creates a connection to a new experience.

Learning also peaks when it spurs the learner to action beyond the process of thinking.  Imagine what usually happens when wood drops to the floor after it has been sawed off.  What happens when trees tumble to the ground after it loses the battle with wild, howling winds?

Learning is also achieved when learners begin to have conversations with themselves.  They ask themselves questions and also answer them along the way.

Likewise,learning peaks occur when one is overwhelmed by positive feelings of joy, ecstasy and exuberance over a new insight.

When one receives a feedback for his or her action, it usually signals the impact of that idea  on others.

All the aforementioned brings forth the essence of how learners climb the learning path of scenarios.

It is the journey of discovery that learners take when brought through well-thought scenarios – the kinds that possess the right characteristics. Learners are allowed to go through a gamut of emotions – the unknown, uncertainty and finally a sigh of relief or joy when they arrive at a discovery.

If a scenario is obvious, it does not allow the learners to imagine, contemplate or reflect. Good scenarios must be able to stretch the learner’s imagination and provoke thinking. It is as Jim Whittaker, the first American to climb Mt. Everest described it – “an ultimate burst of emotion.”

Learning peaks in real-event scenarios then become moments of emotions.

When an individual discovers something – possibly a truth, solution or answer – they spring to action.  The learner has now conquered, achieved or arrived at a learning peak.

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