Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Use ERRORS in making technical eLearning engaging and embedding objectives in error discovery and resolution - Tip #1

There is an old saying that says "people learn the hard way." There is a lot of truth to that in eLearning design. Behind errors are skill gaps that can cause worker failure and high costs to the company. Errors need to be dissected with the need to apply the method of embedding learning objectives in error discovery. 

This is an example of a small story-based design approach called "Instant Stories" which quickly connects learners to the content.

"I Didn't Mean to Hurt Him" - using ERRORs for elearning. 

We learn the hard way
Errors are vital concerns within an organization. There is a constant need to discover winning solutions and stimulating learning experiences that...

  • Cut down operational costs
  • Accelerate the learning process
  • Create good learning opportunities for each case scenario
  • Help learners discover the mistakes and learn from it
Learn  how to convert existing or create  new technical and compliance eLearning content into stimulating real-life events. 

Chunk Content
Find out how to chunk and boil down your content. Focus on critical content.

Embed Content
Create interactive and discovery learning methods where content is embedded in simulated life scenarios.

Faster and Cheaper
Make it faster, easier and better for learners. Create meaningful events that help them learn.

Cut Training Time
Improve learners' performance through shortened training time focused on content that learners can relate to.


  1. I haven't seen the ERROR approach before. I like the idea, especially as it relates to safety. Have you found a delivery format that works well such as the slides, or do you mix formats?

  2. Thanks, Karen, the format varies depends on your budget. You can use as simple as PowerPoint, images, videos and animation or Storyline and Captivate. My focus is more on the nature of the incident and how to make them engaging and relate the content. Best, Ray


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