Saturday, February 16, 2013

Minimalist Story-Based eLearning Lesson Grabs Learner - Tip #11

Learners struggle to keep focused on elearning lessons because of much competition for their time and attention.

Keeping our elearning lessons snappy, direct to the point and with less accessories, lessons have better chances of grabbing learners' attention.

How do story-based scenarios ensure high impact for critical knowledge retention?

In the Storytakes scenario,"Gas and Fire", the learner grabs the content which is "If you are not in the right condition, do not use dangerous equipment," shown in only a few slides.

Here are tips:

  1. Pick the story which has the most relevance to learners.
  2. Dramatize or re-enact the event  
  3. When using conversation, show only the main character. You can show the second character's voice as text.
  4. Audio is not necessary.
  5. There is no need to always have images in the introduction page. The set-up page can be just simple text.
  6. Focus on one or two contrasting images: the gasoline in John's truck and the lighter in John's hand.

Oftentimes, in our interest to engage the learners, we add more interactions, audio, video, games, simulation. An overload of all these elements can interrupt the learners.

Keep it simple - minimal. You save money, help learners learn quickly and get the project done, faster.


Ray Jimenez, PhD
Vignettes Learning
"Helping Learners Learn Their Way"

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