Friday, September 9, 2016

How to Combine Gamification with Stories and Micro-Learning (Live Prototype)- Tip #106

Smorgasbord and Buffet

Smorgasbord and buffet of learning approaches and technologies are abundant. It’s always like party time. The challenge, of course, is that one can only eat so much. So in this tip, I am posting ideas on combining of stories, micro-learning and gamification. Let’s see if you can use this palate tasting.

Karl Kapp and Thiagi

Karl Kapp and Sivasailam "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, leading thought leaders in games and gamification, suggest that at the heart of gamification is the use of stories and discovery. When combined with gamification elements from marketing and customer engagement solutions like Bunchball, gamification becomes a highly productive learning methodology.
However, most gamification tend to be long and tedious gaming activities. The extended time involved and extensive content coverage are common temptations as well as challenges for both designers and game developers. But how about if we create micro-sized lessons just as Karl Kapp suggested in gamification?

Types of Structural Gamification

Karl Kapp has provided a good insights on Types of Structural Gamification. Essentially what Karl suggested is to combine the elements of Gamification with some more content. Preview the video explanation and then join the group Stories & Games on Leadership HR Policies  

Video Explanation of an Example of Structural Gamification
(Part 1)

Click here to the video explanation.

Live Example - Stories & Games on Leadership HR Policies
(Part 2)

Click here to play the live example.

Join the group to see a live and active prototype of Structural Gamification. You will be required to register and login.

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