Friday, May 12, 2017

Hands-On #3: Download Your Copy of the Microlearning Chatbot (Emulation)

The worlds of Learning Machines and Deep Learning are now vocabularies borrowed from the cognitive sciences and now applied in technology. IBM touts its Watson to be a learning machine capable of deep learning and more capabilities. Amazon's Alexa promises the same Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovations. Iphone has SIRI as an advance learning machine. There are many more illustrations.

From a learning view, we all wonder how this really works. Click here to view a SIMULATED CHATBOT - Talk with Tobias.

Why are chatbots Microlearning tools?

When trying to solve problems or finding solutions or just following one's curiosity, workers can dive into historical data or scenarios. In the backend, the chatbots are powered by tremendous volume of data which are organized, stored and then served to the worker when he/she is in the inquiry mode. Talk with Tobias is an emulation. We developed this to share with you what a chatbot might look like and how it behaves.
A conversation keeps context

Large systems like IBM's Watson and Amazon's Alexa try to mimic people's experiences like conversations. This is pretty similar to what SIRI says - "How can I help you?" or "I can't understand your question."

Talk with Tobias is our own illustration. Of course, this is very short because it is only an emulation.
Download you copy of Talk with Tobias

Ray Jimenez, PhD
Vignettes Learning
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