Monday, October 29, 2007

LMS is Dead! But Long Live LMS!

The LMS is dead as a model of e-learning. LMS was thought of as a way to help learners learn. But this was a misconception. The LMS has never been designed to be a learning tool. Rather, it is a system to reduce administrative burden and decrease the cost of delivery. LMS has nothing to do with learning. However, the LMS has its own place in the world of training delivery - it helps push training down to learners, particularly with compliance-type of programs.

  • To make use of your LMS as a learning tool, consider doing the following:
    Design the program first and find a way to optimize your LMS to suit the design. Not the other way around. An illustration: there is a strong tendency to convert PowerPoints using Captivate or Articulate and publish them in the LMS. This does not guarantee the learners will study the materials. Delivery for e-Learning is different from classroom presentation using PowerPoint.

  • LMS is only a part of a long list of tools to deliver learning. Allocate the type of learning that should be in an LMS. For example, an LMS is good to cover bulk, repetitive learning or introductory information. It does not work well as a way to coach learners on skills.

If we continue the old ways of using an LMS, then it is dead. With a little creativity and thought, LMS can do wonders -- and live longer.

Ray Jimenez, PhD
"Helping Learners Learn Their Way"