Friday, March 14, 2008

Where Have All the LMSs Gone? Growth in the Purchase of LMSs, Hybrids and Learning 2.0

As I have shared in my workshops and consulting work, LMSs are alive and kicking, but they are morphing into different forms and shapes. Josh Bersin just concluded a report on the growth of LMSs.

These are the mutations of LMSs, to name a few:

1. Performance-metrics driven e-learning design - captures critical performance areas and provides small e-learning topics to support learning

2. Search, tags, share, and email favorite pages – supporting on-the-job training and coaching

3. Ranking pages and lessons on relevancy and sharing these with all learners – good information for instructional designers who want to know what works and what does not

4. Social and collaborative learning – Web 2.0 and e-Learning 2.0 enhancements

5. Coaching tool allows managers and participants to follow up goals and plans for learning application

6. Human resources development functions like 360 assessments, performance appraisals, self-development plans, employee job history, compensation and others.

Ray Jimenez, PhD
"Helping Learners Learn Their Way"