Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Does your e-Learning Program carry junk?

How many times have you moved houses over the years? Have you wondered why it is so difficult to rid of old junk? As our homes shrink in space, we rent “storage space” – mostly for unnecessary, costly, emotional junk. That’s why the storage rental business is booming. Maybe it is time to invest in rental storage business stocks.

Our e-Learning junks are unnecessary training content that learners do not need to learn; but we (trainers, developers, leaders) store them anyway, rent space for them, and worse, we insist that people learn them. To rid of junks, let us focus on working on competency skills – those that really matter. Not junks that learners can not use. Play the video and see my thoughts. Share your comments in my blog.

Be forewarned! These are Ray's Wacky Videos with unedited, crude, rough, and succinct ideas.

Wacky Videos - Unedited, Rough, But Succinct

What is Work Competency?

Why is Work Competency more important now?

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