Wednesday, October 28, 2009

DIYEL Table of Posts

DIYEL #1 Get a new pair of glasses from Costco, not Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills

DIYEL #2 ADDIE is like an expired medicine; it looks good but no longer works

DIYEL #3 First kidnap, highjack, beg, borrow, steal, cannibalize, and scavenge. Only then ask for a budget.

DIYEL # 4 - Adopt a tech kid from your local community college. He knows more than your IT person.

DIYEL #5 Avoid the temptation to buy software before you understand your needs.

DIYEL #6 eLearning design is like peeling the artichoke before you eat it.

DIYEL #7 Use a straight-line micro-incision on content to instantly apply ideas. All else wastes precious time.

DIYEL #8 Idea applied, idea learned = results.

DIYEL #9 Be a gold prospector. Separate nuggets from the tons of dirt. This will serve your learners well.

DIYEL #10 Learners recall stories, not facts.

DIYEL #11 Ask learners to tell their stories and also to listen to others’ stories.

DIYEL #12 Why we love Slumdog Millionaire, Borat, the Gladiator and Casablanca.

DIYEL #13 How to avoid impersonal programs and encourage conversations.

DIYEL #14 See a therapist to cure yourself of the disease, CONTENT-ITIS

DIYEL #15 See a therapist to cure yourself of the disease, CONTROL-ITIS.

DIYEL #16 Be a craftsperson, an artisan.

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