Thursday, January 14, 2010

Let's Jam/Webinar NO LECTURES - Brainstorming Scenarios-Series 1

These are my initial learning in testing and NO LECTURE WEBINAR

The goals:

Conduct Jamming like Webinars with high interactions, almost ZERO LECTURE.


Provided participants vignettes for advance interactions in our community
(Scroll down the page to see vignettes)

During the webinar participants got involved in active chats to do brainstorming.


Preparing succinct cases use it for interactions allow very short and snappy, lively
interactions. The interactions allowed me (facilitator) to process the issues with the
participants without lecturing.

Getting people to comment on cases in advance was a challenge. Maybe the holidays,
or may I still don't know how to do this?

I have several more schedule for the LET'S JAM/WEBINARS
please see

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